Thursday, May 10, 2012

Bruce Springsteen, An important influence on rock music

In 1973 Bruce Springsteen and the E street band hit the ground running in the music world releasing the album "Greetings from Asbury Park, N.J.. In 1975 Springsteen released his third album "Born to Run" which was far more successful than his 2 previous albums ranking 3rd on the billboard 200. In March of this year he released a new album titled "Wrecking Ball" which was his best album since "The Rising" released in 2002. Through his 17 albums Springsteen has had a lot of chart topping songs including "Dancing in the Dark", "Glory Days", "Hungry Heart", "Born In The U.S.A.", and many more. 8 out of 17 albums have been #1 on the billboard 200 and 14 of his albums landed inside the top 5 on the billboard 200. He's won many Grammy awards as well as multiple other recognition's. His music is inspirational, and often filled with pride and truth. The song "This Depression" off of his new album is all about America's economy, and how horrible it is trying to get through it. Springsteen's music is great and has inspired many guitarists, and musicians.
The New Jersey born Bruce Springsteen nicknamed "The Boss" was doubtlessly the most important person in 70's music. He influenced a lot of bands including Bon Jovi, as well as some films such as cemetery junction. The only musician that is as important to music is Bob Dylan who had a large influence on Springsteen, and it shows in his music. Springsteen is one of the only rock musicians that can continue to release rock albums in this era of music, and still have them land at #1 on the billboard 200. He has had a great grasp on guitar since he began playing and tries to get people to see the world the way it is. Something a lot of people don't realize is that the song "Born In The U.S.A." was actually about the war in Vietnam, which was still going on at the time. Springsteen has been successful since 1973 when he started. If there's anybody that doesn't like Bruce Springsteen it's either because they've never heard his music, they don't understand it, or they just don't know what good music is.
Bruce hasn't had a lot of problems in his life like a lot of other band's from this time had, such has drug addictions and charges, or alcohol abuse, he and the E Street band managed to all keep clean. Springsteen was the foundation of almost all rock bands and rock music. Underneath every band was a little Springsteen. His concert's are something like you've never experienced before, and is something everybody should have the honor of attending at least once in their life's. The band has lost two members to death, Danny Federici in 2008 dying due to skin cancer who was the long time organist and accordion player for the band, and in 2011 Clarence Clemons the greatest saxophonist ever had a stroke and died. These were sad loses, not just for the band but for the world.

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  1. "The Boss" Bruce Springsteen is awesome. My dad and I listen to his stuff all the time wish I could go see him at Gillete though. Are you a fan of Springsteen? Or do you prefer other artists?